What time should I arrive?

Our meeting in Portuguese is on Saturdays at 8 pm and in English on Sundays at 11.30 am, if you arrive 15 minutes before, you have time for tea or coffee and time for someone from our welcome team to make you welcome.

What should I wear?

There is no dress code, come with the clothes you like and feel comfortable.

What’s going to happen?

Our meetings are very dynamic, but for you who is thinking of visiting us, see a brief description of what happens.

One of the volunteers of the LPM Church welcomes everyone and gives a small prayer of thanks to God for being once again together as a family to worship him.

Our band will have a time of praise and worship. The lyrics of the songs are projected on a screen to help you, you can stay upright or seated, what makes you feel more comfortable.

After we worship God, there are some announcements about things that are happening in the life of the church and then one of the leaders will bring a Bible-based message during +-35 minutes. The purpose of the message is to understand the heart of the Father and His will for us, to be filled with the Holy Spirit, and to live like Jesus, and understanding the Kingdom of God.

After the message as an act of prayer and gratitude we have a moment of collection of offerings and tithes, something you who visit us is not obliged to participate, but if you feel that wish you can use the envelope you receive at the entrance.

What’s the duration?

On average our meetings last on average 1.30 minutes, and may on special occasions last up to 2 hours.

Can I get out half-way through if I don’t feel comfortable?

Yes, you can leave the place at any time.

Will I feel like a stranger?

We believe that, at LPM Church, there are people of all kind, people with different life stories and different countries and cultures. We make a great effort to receive and welcome everyone in a very special and loving way. Because that’s the kind of love that God taught us to share.

Can I bring my children?

Yes. Children are part of the church and are very welcome. We have a specific work with children from different age groups.

Is someone going to ask me to talk or do something?

No, no one will ask you to speak or do anything, however you will be welcomed in a warm and amiable way.

As a visitor do I have to donate some money?

No, only the people who are committed to the LPM Church family do it for love, we don’t expect any visitor to do it, but if you feel that desire you can use the envelope you received at the entrance.

If you have any other questions about LPM Church or what to expect when you visit contact us. We hope to see you soon.