Every day, we face situations in which we have to make decisions that may affect the rest of our lives forever. In those times, we need to have strong and valid counselling so that we may make the best decision. In Light for the People, we believe that in the Bible we find all the answers to all the questions to all our problems.

If you need counselling just call us to make an appointment.

This service is available to you in our pastoral office in: Unit 6 Office 1-2 Brogans Lane – F42 HK13 – Roscommon, to everybody that is in need of counselling or help in dealing with a problem.

If you need counselling or help dealing with problems such as:

  • Marital, financial, emotional, children, sexual, physical or emotional abuse, depression, bullying, suicide, homosexuality or lesbianism or others, make your appointment or request through: 

Phone Number +353 90 663 0827 

For emergencies please contact: +353 87 6928001